Saturday, September 7, 2013

Pokemon RTS - Introducing Electabuzz

So i took a short break from coding this week because so much schoolwork, but i am back at it now that the weekend has arrived. Elekid, Electabuzz, and Electivire have been added into the game. Elekid and Electabuzz are both ranged electric units while Electivire is a melee electric unit. The entire unit has the passive "Static" meaning when melee units attack them there is a 30% chance the attacker will be stunned for one second. It is kind of underpowered in my opinion as an effect, but whatever, need some underpowered things. So here they are...

Elekid unit at levels, 1, 3 and 5

A level 2 elekid unit

A level1 Elekid unit engageing a level 1 Gastly unit

A level 2 Elekid unit engageing a level 1 Sandshrew unit. Notice the Sandshrew in the center of the cluster is being effected by Electabuzz's passive ability, Static< since Sandshrew is a melee unit

I felt like i had to have Electivire fight Magmortar. Electivire ended up winning this particular fight, But notice how Electivire is a melee unit while his predecessors were ranged units. Also notice that the Electivire on the bottom of the cluster has a flame licking off of him. He is currently burned, the Magby units passive ability is flame body which has a 30% chance of inflicting a burn onto a melee attacker. 

So that is is for the Elekid unit. More pokemon to come. Keep reading, follow the blog to be part of the alpha release. Comments would be appreciated. Thank you very much.


Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pokemon Real Time Strategy Game -The first of many large battles for fun

So I put this off for a few hours, but here is screenshots of a full scale battle... also it provides a bit of an inside view into GAME BREAKING BUGS! These bugs seem to be easy enough for me to fix, and some already have been fixed, but... i took the screen shots so i damn well am using them! and i now present the first full scale fight on the blog. Dun  Dun DunDA!!

So The fight begins. In the top lane you can see Hypnos and Arcanines taking on Raticate and Gengar. The first glimpse at the bugs is also here where you can see two arcanine taking shelter, or being crushed by the lane border rocks. Also a bit further down the lane there is a stray beedrill in the wrong lane. This bug has been fixed, wasnt a problem. In the middle lane we see Breedrills and weepinbells fighting blastoises and one stray muk that was supposed to spawn in the bottom lane. Again, bug has been fixed. On to the bottom lane, we see Raichu and golducks taking on sandslash and muk....... muk is really slow...... Also up in the middle lane we see some weepinbells attack stat dropping. This is because all water attacks in this game have a 10% chance of lowering the enemy base damage by 15%.

This screenshot is of 2 seconds later in the battle. Top lane, another bug is seen, gengar's poison attack is faceing backwards... very easy to fix, but my laziness in unrivaled, the middle lane is still fighting hard for both sides, and the muks of bottom lane still have not reached the area of conflict while the sandslash are taking a very heavy beating by their water waekness from golduck while the riachu stand back behind the Golducks while they take the hits, as they fire electric shocks at sandslash doing a bit of extra damage

This shot is another two seconds after the last one, THIS GAME IS FAST PACED, top lane is thinning out a bit, the blastoise are falling to the grass type it is fighting, and muk has ALMOST reached the area of conflict. Also mid lane, the "Hide in the rock" bug is seen presented by beedrill

This shot is 3 seconds after the previous one, one hypno top lane is getting shadow blasted, EVERY SINGLE BEEDRILL IS COMMITING THE HIDE IN THE ROCK BUG!! They are all mobbing the last blastoise as one weepinbell makes a break for the other teams base. HURRY UP BOTTOM LANE!!! Also once Muk gets there, his passive will not even activate because Raichu and Golduck are both ranged units. Muk is destined to lose.

And by the time the last 3 seconds passes, we notice that the left side (player controlled) has eliminated the enemy and is now pressing onward to the other teams base. BY THE WAY... the map is larger than just this one block, it can be scrolled left and right if that was not assumed. The Weepinbells and Beedrills are still stuck in rocks (BUG HAS BEEN FIXED) and the players team is about to take a massive chunk out of the right teams health (RED BAR BOTTOM RIGHT OF SCREEN) when this health bar reaches zero that team loses. It loses health when a pokemon of the opposite team reaches the enemy base.

So that was a massive multilane battle that i kind of just threw together, obviously exp and cost restrictions did not apply to me because I AM THE MASTER OF THE CODE!! but anyway, i  will post more soon, maybe more big battles like this with other pokemon. I alsom may start doing a pokemon spotlight, like a champion spotlight from league of legends when i add newpokemon into the game. At least for the cool ones like Dragonite and snorlax and things of that nature. Anyhoooooo..... end of post. Comment. Follow to be in the Alpha. Thanks Internet, You da best.


Pokemon Real Time Strategy Game - First Glimpse of Combat

So obviously in a real time strategy game a pretty main component is the COMBAT! Here are a few screenshots of some combat that i took:

One Level1 unit of Growlithe fighting a level1 unit of rattata (Both Melee Units)

One Level1 unit of Bellsprout vs One Level1 unit of Shellder (Both Melee Units)

One level1 unit of Pichu vs one level1 unit of Squirtle (Both ranged)

One Level3 unit of Psyduck/Golduck fighting one level1 unit of Grimer (Both Ranged)
The Psyduck unit is destroying this grimer unit because of the two Golducks and grimers slow attack speed. Also since Psyduck is a ranged unit, it ignores Muk's passive ability "Poison Touch" Poison touch would help in a fight like this. Also one grimer is being hit by a critical hit marked by the orange star shape

The next post will be a massive battle that i screenshoted but i tink this is enough for this one post. This does not depict the true reach of the games combat system but rather about 8% of it. This game is going to be fast pasced and take many different factors into consideration that i will explain in later posts. Keep reading, follow me if you want to be admitted into the Alpha of the game, give me +1's or whatever. TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Post to reddit! i dont care hahaha. Comments would help also. Thank You.


Pokemon RTS - Leveling for a Two stage evolution unit feat. Paras.

So this is how the leveling system works when the pokemon unit that is being leveled up is not a three stage like Charmander in the previous post.

Alright Paras... Show the people:

One Paras unit at Level 2

One Paras Unit at Level 3

One Paras Unit at Level 4

One Paras Unit at its maximum level of 5

Thought id show a clearer picture of the differences between leveling up double stage pokemon and triple stage pokemon. Again, leveling up a single stage pokemon decreases the unit cost, this is because when i started coding it at the begining, i realized that 5 Pinsirs LOVE to kill EVERYTHING when the "EVERYTHING" happens to be other basic pokemon. So i spiked single stage evolutions unit prices up to equalize the effect.

Thanks for reading, Comment please,


Pokemon RTS - Leveling Up And Things

So the leveling up system and how it works is a little different. It is basic in the ways that when your exp bar is full, you level up and you gain one "skill point". Skill points are used to upgrade a unit as a whole. A unit consists of an entire evolution of a pokemon. For instance the Squirtle unit consists of Squirtle, Wortortle and Blastoise. Each unit starts at level one and can be maxed out at level five.

The unit markers that kind of resemble the ones from League of Legends are used to add
the skill points to a unit that the player chooses

Leveling up a unit provides evolutions of the basic pokemon to join the unit as it runs down the lane to fight the other team. The amount of evolutions that join the group depends on whether the unit is a single evolution, a double evolution, or a triple evolution. Single evolutions upon leveling up, decrese their cost since no higher evolutions can be added to them.

One Charmander unit at level 2

One Charmander Unit at level 3

One charmander unit at level 4

One Charmander unit at its max level of 5
So that is a general idea of how leveling works. More to come.
Comment if ya feel like it. Its appreciated :)


Startup, the very basics

First Post - The Very Basics

The game is much further developed than these first few screenshots, but i just wanted to get an idea of the battle phase layout out there:

The Basic layout of the basic map when nothing is battling

Here we have got a basic A unit of Ratatta on the move: a level one unit will send 5 of the basic pokemon for that unit at the enemy team

Other units besides rattata also work, under the same system

Units also can come from the enemy team, AI has not been finished yet, in terms
of the opposite player thinking, the units from opposite sides however will battle

In total about half of generation one has been fully implemented into the game, this is the basic proof that i have started the game internet hahaha. More screenshots and info to come.

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