Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pokemon RTS - Leveling Up And Things

So the leveling up system and how it works is a little different. It is basic in the ways that when your exp bar is full, you level up and you gain one "skill point". Skill points are used to upgrade a unit as a whole. A unit consists of an entire evolution of a pokemon. For instance the Squirtle unit consists of Squirtle, Wortortle and Blastoise. Each unit starts at level one and can be maxed out at level five.

The unit markers that kind of resemble the ones from League of Legends are used to add
the skill points to a unit that the player chooses

Leveling up a unit provides evolutions of the basic pokemon to join the unit as it runs down the lane to fight the other team. The amount of evolutions that join the group depends on whether the unit is a single evolution, a double evolution, or a triple evolution. Single evolutions upon leveling up, decrese their cost since no higher evolutions can be added to them.

One Charmander unit at level 2

One Charmander Unit at level 3

One charmander unit at level 4

One Charmander unit at its max level of 5
So that is a general idea of how leveling works. More to come.
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