Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pokemon RTS - Leveling for a Two stage evolution unit feat. Paras.

So this is how the leveling system works when the pokemon unit that is being leveled up is not a three stage like Charmander in the previous post.

Alright Paras... Show the people:

One Paras unit at Level 2

One Paras Unit at Level 3

One Paras Unit at Level 4

One Paras Unit at its maximum level of 5

Thought id show a clearer picture of the differences between leveling up double stage pokemon and triple stage pokemon. Again, leveling up a single stage pokemon decreases the unit cost, this is because when i started coding it at the begining, i realized that 5 Pinsirs LOVE to kill EVERYTHING when the "EVERYTHING" happens to be other basic pokemon. So i spiked single stage evolutions unit prices up to equalize the effect.

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