Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Pokemon Real Time Strategy Game - First Glimpse of Combat

So obviously in a real time strategy game a pretty main component is the COMBAT! Here are a few screenshots of some combat that i took:

One Level1 unit of Growlithe fighting a level1 unit of rattata (Both Melee Units)

One Level1 unit of Bellsprout vs One Level1 unit of Shellder (Both Melee Units)

One level1 unit of Pichu vs one level1 unit of Squirtle (Both ranged)

One Level3 unit of Psyduck/Golduck fighting one level1 unit of Grimer (Both Ranged)
The Psyduck unit is destroying this grimer unit because of the two Golducks and grimers slow attack speed. Also since Psyduck is a ranged unit, it ignores Muk's passive ability "Poison Touch" Poison touch would help in a fight like this. Also one grimer is being hit by a critical hit marked by the orange star shape

The next post will be a massive battle that i screenshoted but i tink this is enough for this one post. This does not depict the true reach of the games combat system but rather about 8% of it. This game is going to be fast pasced and take many different factors into consideration that i will explain in later posts. Keep reading, follow me if you want to be admitted into the Alpha of the game, give me +1's or whatever. TELL YOUR FRIENDS! Post to reddit! i dont care hahaha. Comments would help also. Thank You.